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Drivers who take pride in their work

RFG Logistics is a full service 3PL with over 125 years of combined driver/broker experience seeking professional drivers to help service our customers. RFG is always looking for top driving talent that understands quality service is directly related to quality drivers who take pride in their work. If you are interested in becoming a carrier for RFG Logistics please contact us at 402-933-5595.

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We will team with you:

  • We keep the truck moving. We work in advance to preplan routes and next loads as much as possible for better returns per week and better averages per mile.
  • We schedule with flexibility so drivers can get home time and we can get them where they need to be on time.
  • We pay weekly with advances and direct deposit available. We continue to innovate processes that help speed payments and enhance your cash flow.
  • Our team communicates with your driver and your office so everyone stays informed. We tell the straight story with transparency and honesty. We work together to solve problems and maintain profitability.
  • We work to cultivate relationships. We consider dedicated carriers as part of our corporate family.
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